(PROVISIONARY) What is the game about? Edit

  • Co-op Multiplayer top-down shooter with up to 6 players
  • Each player plays as a unique hero with unique abilities, coming from different canons (Carttown, Spellbound, Project ALIVE..) Players can move around the map in all directions using arrow keys, and aim their attacks using the mouse cursor.
  • Each match features the heros fighting through a few waves of goons before they must defeat the finally boss of that map.
  • Each map has its own unique travel mechanisms, such as sliding on railings in Carttown while looking like a total badass, or teleporter zones in Project ALIVE

(WIP) What is the endgame goal? Edit

(WIP) What's the style? Edit

TODO: Write about the style. For example, any grim themes? Is it cartoony? How is violence handled?

(WIP) What makes it fun? Edit