Backstory Edit

Dusty T. Duck is the Leader of 'Team Z' (a Hero Guild in the 'Carttown' Universe). He's physically 20 years old but mentally 75...being a cartoon character and all. He's a Last Warrior, a local legend in 'Carttown' with a golden Sword that's powered through Will Power and a token power in the world of 'Carttown' called 'Fighting Spirit'.

He's cocky and full of attitude. But he loves everyone he comes into contact with (even though he may not show it on the outside). His sworn duty is to stop evil forces of any kind from hurting his town and his family.

General Play Style Edit

You ever play one of thoughs old 3D platformer games? Maybe one with a plumber or one with a Bear and a bird? .......Yea Imagine that with a razor sharp katana.

Dusty is quick to move with many ways to jump and dodge who he comes across. He can hold his own damage wise but in a crowd he's not as viable. Try pairing him with a Support or Tank! Or even more than one offensive hero! He does work well with a Team after all.

Unique abilities Edit

Standard Attack: Cartoon Violence [Standard melee attack move that does 20 damage each hit. Can be used without sword] (Dusty hits with random cartoon moves and taunts)

(E) Ability: Toon Thrower (Throws his sword like a boomerang that hits enemies and launches back at him. Will return to him 5 seconds)

Hold (E): The One Shot (Charges up his sword to throw like an arched javelin that does 25 damage will return to him after 5 seconds)

(Crouch + Jump) Ability: Dodge Roll

(Crouch + Jump + Backwards) Ability: Exit Stage Back

(Crouch + Jump + Forwards) Ability:

(Crouch + Jump + Strafe) Ability: Side Roll

(Passive) Ability: Wall Jump [Can preform a wall jump off a wall, (can jump again if he connects with another wall). Great for Alleyways and tight spaces]

Fighting Spirit: 'Blue Bit Rate' [Dusty glows blue and gains 200 health and a damage booster. Sword abilities become Aura Balls that deal 25 damage]

Weapons/Tools/Attack modes Edit

'The Golden Rule' sword is Dusty's main weapon. Can be used during 'Cartoon Violence' along with as a projectile in 'Toon Thrower' and 'The One Shot'.