Backstory Edit

Natalia hails from a long line of sorcerers, wizards and magicians known as the Bonvard family who are known for protecting the kingdom of Altar for centuries. Despite being proud of her heritage, she could honestly care less about saving the world and all that stuff. She’d much rather be off doing her own thing, like going on crazy adventures with her best friend Ariel to kick ass and snag some extra loot for her treasure hoard. And with her magic scepter Scarlet handed down from her mother, she’s one sorceress you don’t want to mess with!

General playstyle Edit

Natalia is best played at a good distance away from her enemies. Her primary attack Mystical Missiles have a very long range of fire and the home in on targets. If she's ever caught in a situation where there's too many enemies to handle at once, she can use her Warping Spell for a quick escape to ether heal up or take the upper hand on enemies.

Unique abilities Edit

(E) Ability: Mystical Missiles (A barrage of fast homing magic projectiles)

(Q) Ability: Warping Spell (Teleports to another location)

Hold (Q): Portable warp point (choose where you will appear after teleporting)

(Crouch + Jump) Ability:Higher jump

(Crouch + Jump + Backwards) Ability:

(Crouch + Jump + Forwards) Ability:

(Crouch + Jump + Strafe) Ability:

(Passive) Ability:

Grand Sorceress: Natalia transforms into her Grand Sorceress form! While in this form her Mystical Missiles have increased power. plus her Warping Spell is replaced with a new move called Magic Judgment. Which is a massive explosion of magic energy that instantly kills any enemy in range of the explosion! However, Magic Judgment can only be used once, and the Grand Sorceress form only lasts for 30 seconds.

Weapons/Tools/Attack modes Edit

> Scarlet Scepter which she fires her Mystical Missiles from. As well as cast a warping spell and she slams to the ground to cause Magic Judgment.
- 20 rounds
- 3 second reload
- Primary fire:
 - 20 DMG
 - 2 shots / second
 - Medium range
 - Consumes 1 ammo
- Secondary fire:
 - 100 DMG
 - 1 shot / second
 - Short range
 - Consumes 20 ammo
- Alt fire:
 - 10 HP/sec on target
 - Consumes 1 ammo / second
> Weapon 2
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