Backstory Edit

Sakura "Pink" Dragoness, is a 20-year-old dragon from Japan, She's a kind-hearted girl. she would never hurt anyone. She's smart, she loves to read romance manga. She has an affinity to the color pink, hence her nickname. She acted a bit motherly around her friends, but one thing she loves is cooking. Pink loves to cook her own home-made food. As a young kid, her mother cooked a lot of home-made meals growing up, so she learned at a young age to cook like her mom. Around 13-ish, she was picked on by the other students, because Sakura was a little tall for her age, and it got worse during her high school days. Where most of the other students made jokes about her height, weight, and her "chest" which upsets her a lot. Later, in life she wanted to live by herself. For a new lifestyle, away form the people that didn't like her.

General Play Style Edit

Since Sakura is a big girl, she's more of a tank-styled character. She's quite slow on her feet, she's a low jumper, she's got high defense and can be a great for backup!

Unique abilities Edit

Fighting Spirit: "Dragon Soul" [Sakura, taps into her inner dragon, and gains a small boost in all stats for a short amount of time.She glows a light pink to show she's in this mode.]

Weapons/Tools/Attack modes Edit

'The Golden Rule' sword is Dusty's main weapon. Can be used during 'Cartoon Violence' along with as a projectile in 'Toon Thrower' and 'The One Shot'.<section class="pi-item pi-group pi-border-color"> </section>